NAET Methods

NAET® is a unique method to balance blockages. Experience has taught us that many symptoms and illnesses such as headaches, back pain, digestive problems, and respiratory problems and so on, are often triggered by food and environmental sensitivities. If left untreated, these reactions can eventually cause diseases.

Dr. Nambudripad's discovery NAET® is an innovative and completely natural method to restore your health. More about the method can be found here. Another key advantage: NAET® works without unpleasant blood or skin tests, injections or medication. The quest for the food and environmental sensitivity-triggering substances and right treatments is painless and harmless. The method is therefore suitable for treatment of both babies and young children. NAET® has proved its effectiveness over the course of many years. We see patients with hay fever and dairy intolerance to neurodermatitis induced food and environmental sensitivities, migraines and hyperactivity. Results prove over and over again how well NAET® works.