• Sujay Kuruvila

    NAET has been the most effective treatment I have had till date for the chronic allergies or malabsorption syndrome I suffer from for the past 18 yrs. Many visits to hospitals and treatments given by alternate forms of Medicine such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy had been disastrous in my case and I had to rush back to my allopathic physician when treatments were not effective, and till date allopathy was the last resort to stabilize my condition which was slowly but steadily declini

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  • R. Rathnamma

    Since December 2003, I was suffering from UTI(urinary tract infection ). The E-coli bacterial count in my urine culture was I lakh, I tried conventional treatment,but could not get the bacterial count to nil.

    Then my daughter, Mrs. Manjula Prasad, who is a teacher at Sophia School recommended ,sister Naina”s allergy elimination treatment based on Nambudripad’s Allergy elimination technique (NAET) I started my treatment with sister Naina in the beginning of April and was

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  • Fr.Frances S.J.

    I would like to thank you for the treatment you administered to me for the last 9 days.It was Fr. Jossie R.S.J. who guided me to approach you for my blood sugar and numbness in my legs and feet. After nine days of treatment I felt much better and quiet relieved. During my treatment I did take the medicine for the Blood sugar. I feel the numbness which was there in my feet and legs has disappeared though not fully. I had a back pain too and am much better.I am definitely sure that with lo

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  • Fr.Stany D’souza S.J

    At the outset, thanks for all that you have been. I certainly feel certain well being.Well, I have been suffering from cold and cough and at times wheezing. Sometimes life was difficult. In the past, I tried many types of medicines. Allopathic, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and even acupuncture. I found very little relief.It was Fr. Jossie Rodriquez who introduced me to this therapy. I started his treatment on 19th Oct. and had about 24 sittings. At the end of this process, I am not totally healed of

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  • Mukund Ranjan

    I am very happy to write my experience after only 4 sittings with you. I can remember the day when I came here first even unable to explain my problem due to the continuous Asthmatic attack.Seven months back I came to know about Sister Naina and about this treatment in the flight from Bangalore to Los Angeles. After seven months of waiting I started this treatment and can feel the difference.I was suffering from cold and cough since 25yrs, out of that 14 years of severe Asthma. Being Asthmati

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