• Ampu Abraham

    Thank you for treating Sasha. Before she came here she was suffering from many allergies such as milk, egg and many which we never knew existed. She was not all healthy and had random abdominal pain, blackouts and other repertory problems. After a months NAET treatment, she appears much happier and confident. She has overcome many of her allergies and is bold enough to face herself. She is now eating better and has less of complaints.

    We will come back again to complete her treatmen

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  • Rekha Jain

    My daughter before had so many little problems like: If she ate any oily food she was sure to get cough; if she travelled in any car or bus she had vomiting and she had very little appetite; She could not eat Ice cream for she would get cold etc.

    After the NAET treatment she feels much better good appetite; no more car sickness No colds,fever etc. She has taken only one months treatment so far.


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  • Sr.Sylvia F.S.H

    I came to know about NAET through one of my friends. Since her daughter and husband was relieved of the allergies specially the daughter from Asthma attacks.

    I was suffering from Asthma from three years .I had 31 days of treatment for Asthma and I am feeling 70% better. The food items which were allergic to are tolerable now. I am able to breath well ! I feel very happy about this treatment and I am sure some more time treatment will help me to get rid of all my ailments. Thank you

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  • Meghna

    I have been suffering from repeated urinary tract infection for the past ten years. I have tried everything from Allopathy to Aurveda but nothing helped. NAET’s unique holistic treatment has however convinced me that I am goi8ng to be cured. I began my treatment in Nov.09 and since then I have not had a single instance of the infection.

    I believe in the treatment and would now like to undertake a course for my knee pain (which I believe is arthritis). I have seen many patients

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  • Gowri

    My 14 month old son has had a pretty bad dairy allergy since he was born. He has been on only Soy formula and could not even eat milk biscuits breaking out in an itchy, red rash all over. I started NAET treatment for him when he was 13 months old. Today after just one month of treatment he is able to drink 4 glasses of milk a day!!! The other day he ate cake for the very first time in his life and relished it!! NAET has helped my son even more in another area; He was diagnosed with developmen

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