• Sujay Kuruvila

    NAET has been the most effective treatment I have had till date for the chronic allergies or malabsorption syndrome I suffer from for the past 18 yrs. Many visits to hospitals and treatments given by alternate forms of Medicine such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy had been disastrous in my case and I had to rush back to my allopathic physician when treatments were not effective, and till date allopathy was the last resort to stabilize my condition which was slowly but steadily declining.

    Antibiotics, parental blood transfusions, vitamin D injections and mineral capsule supplements prescribed over time did help give me some temporary relief… as I struggled with weight loss as well as anemia. But disturbingly after a recent episode of weight loss I was advised a steroid regimen and this was when I was actually concerned about the quality of life I might have to face in the future.

    I was diagnosed as having “Hypogammaglobulinemia” which is a type of immune disorder characterized by a reduction in all types of gamma globulins, and refractory (not responding to medication) Celiac disease.

    On the 19th of June after an article appeared in the Bangalore times “say Nyet to medicine’ I went to meet Sr.Naina at the NAET centre in Koramangala along with my medical records and she advised me to take up the NAET to find relief for my condition.

    As one who had seen many forms of medicine being practiced on me I agreed to one more method in the hope that it would cure my condition. By this time I was more worried about steroid ingestion than anything else, but what came as a surprise to me was that after initial NAET tests was done I was told to resume consuming wheat based products which I had been strictly avoiding for the past few years.

    Further after a week of NAET treatment I stopped my dosage of steroids (3mgs BUDEZ thrice a day)….. I realized that this was a plunge of faith’. Considering that my attending physicians may be well against my giving up a course of medicine which they had expressly advised. I stopped taking steroids and consumed wheat based products which was a strict ‘no no’ for me from an allopathic viewpoint. There was no negative fallout as a result of this. And I was encouraged by this development.

    For me it has been nothing short of a miracle to see how I have improved during the course of the past 2.5 months since 22nd of June 2010 when I first started with NAET Allergens like Bacteria, Lead, Mercury Candida ,Yeast and radiation among others have been expelled from my system following the NAET treatment.

    Today the 6th of Sept.2010; and since the 7th. Of June 2010 when I was last diagnosed as having subtotal villous atrophy my weight has gone up to 72kgs.(from 59kgs when I was admitted to Hospital for weight loss and tiredness). My skin tone has improved and general feeling of good health has made me even more confident and happy. With my appetite returning as never before and assimilation of nutrients and consequent weight gain, I can only say that Naet is the most effective medication I have received leading to a perceptible improvement in my condition.

    I would recommend this treatment for those suffering from allergies and other ailments especially for those suffering fro ‘malnourishment’ conditions due to reduced ability to assimilate nutrients and in conjunction with allopathic diagnostic procedures follow this highly effective course of treatment.

    Details : Bangalore

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